2x Increased Courses

Problem Statement

Transform a Dated Web Application into an Intuitive Mobile Experience

Inspired eLearning is the industry leader in Security Awareness, Compliance and HR training solutions.

They have an award-winning Learning Management Systems through which they offer tons of courses around Security Awareness but what they lacked was the mobile platform. They were receiving an increased number of requests from their users to provide them with mobile access to the same content on the go without compromising the experience.

They are a technology-driven organization, and hence wanted to partner with a firm who could take their futuristic vision forward.

problem statement

SCORM based existing content

Security Layers for content safety

Intuitive Mobile Experience for Courses

Attendance Workflow

Instructorled Sessions enrollment

Ofline Courses Experience


Research, Create, Collaborate, Iterate

After the project kickoff, Reloadux team ( a Researcher, a UX Designer & a UI Designer) worked closely with the client’s team (Product Incharge & Content Expert) during the analysis phase to understand their business model, cybersecurity domain, product features, and end-user needs.

The process started off with creating multiple workflows on paper for major use cases including My courses catalog, Instructor-Led Courses enrollment, Courses Schedule, and offline mode. Taking those workflows to the collaborative meeting with client we came up with high fidelity wireframes.



Meaningful Experience Design



Anytime. Anywhere. Security Awareness Training.

Created an Intuitive mobile app experience for Cybersecurity and Compliance training for ieL.

The App provides users with the same great training courses they’d get at their desktop, with the added flexibility and convenience that comes with total portability. Inspired eLearning were able to please their customers with the launch of the final product. The app we designed proved to be a success, with 2x course enrollment within two months of launch.

2x course enrollment within two months.

mockup mockup mockup

The overall mobile app experienced is focused on providing the end-user with

Contemporary Look & Feel

Modern and purposeful design for a memorable experience for the user.


Dark Theme- Focus on the content

Dark Theme helps in reading, less eye-strain and better accessibility for the content.


Easy Instructor-Led Course Enrollment

Online & Instructor led courses for you so you can progress on your own pace.


Always updated with the schedule

See your whole Calendar and lessons in one view so you never forget when your next lesson is planned.


Start whenever you want

Easy to follow-up courses. Resume whenever you are ready.


Start whenever you want

Easy to follow-up courses. Resume whenever you are ready.


"Everyone is impressed with the style, layout and feel of the app. People are excited to experience the ieL courses on their own phones."


Mison Riggins

Tech Writer, ieL

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