Simplified Tracking for
Event Organizers

Problem Statement

It was hard for Organizers to Keep an Eye on Multiple Events Venue Setups

PSAV is a full-service global event production company. With the privilege of supporting more than 1,100 meeting planners and event organizers each day, They have a strong relationship with customers for providing world-class services.

Having long-term relationships, They have partnered with more than 2000 leading hotels, resorts, convention centers and sports/entertainment venues around the world.

As no. of events are happening at the same time it was hard for event organizers to keep an eye on all. They were looking for making an app for tracking event progress starting from venue setup to the end of the event, no. of events happening in a hotel, the technician’s schedule and the equipments required.

problem statement

Tracking Technicians Progress for Each Event

Venue Setup to Event End Updates

Customer Reviews about the Setup

Sharing Details with Technicians in one go



Understand, Create, Iterate

Since, the product idea was a clear need of the PSAV team for completing their daily jobs. We started by having discovery sessions with one of the event organizers and product incharge to understand their workflow process. During the sessions, we discussed the necessary features that need to be added to the product to make it helpful for the Event Organizers to receive updates and for technicians to mark the progress with ease.

After having multiple discussions we finalized the list of features and define the scope of the product. We also presented some ideas of making the whole experience very intuitive for both the users.


Meaningful Experience Design


Simplified Events Tracking & Technicians Progress Update


The overall mobile app experienced is focused on providing the end-user with

Event Setup Briefing

We added event flowsheet having all the details including the technician assigned, equipment required, CAD Drawing of the venue and the notes by the organizer for the technician.


Quick Communication b/w
Organizer & Technician

The quick chat feature was added to reduce the chances of mistakes in setting up an event venue.


Customer Reviews
through a Mood Board

Since the technician and other employees are directly interacting with the customer they are provided with a mood board to update customer satisfaction at different times throughout the event.


Multiple Locations

Organizers can control how many locations(hotels) events details they want to see in their feed. They can add or remove locations anytime.


Sarah Griffin

Senior UX Designer


Derek Svendsen

UX Consultant

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