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Problem Statement

Looking for Scheduling App Facelift to Make it Intuitively Functional

PSAV is a full-service global event production company. With the privilege of supporting more than 1,100 meeting planners and event organizers each day, PSAV has a strong relationship with customers for providing world-class services.

Having long-term relationships, PSAV has partnered with more than 2000 leading hotels, resorts, convention centers and sports/entertainment venues around the world. For scheduling events at such a large scale, they already had a web app that was created years back which was lacks in making the job easy for organizers.

problem statement


Look & Feel

Easy Shift



Understand, Create, Iterate

The project kicked off with 3 days on-site discovery workshop involving our creative lead, UX Researcher and product owner from the client site. During the workshop, we evaluated the product idea, mapped out the requirements and gathered knowledge about the target audience.

We created some major use cases by mapping out the user journey on paper. After the discovery session, our team of UX designers built meaningful wireframes covering all use cases. Later with client’s collaboration, we came to the finalization of the complete User Journey including easy course creation, content addition, questionnaire design and seamless course experience for the end-user.



Meaningful Experience Design

mockup mockup


Easy Shifts Scheduling to Save the Time of Organizers

Shift scheduling was a time-consuming task for the organizers. We redesigned the app in such a way that it saved time and let organizers schedule no. of shifts easily with 80% fewer clicks.

Contemporary Look & Feel

Using fresh color palette and trending gradients, we created a contemporary look for the app making it a memorable experience for the user.

look and feel

Smart Filtering Options

When it comes to search employee shifts, one of the most important things is the filtering options. We designed the app considering this need: the user could filter shifts by filters such as assignment, labor type, and clients. Users could also filter regions by locations and hotels within each location.


"We have achieved successful completion of UI/UX enhancements. This has made our job a lot more productive. We can now focus more on delivering.


Viktor Misyutin

Manager, Application Development, PSAV


Sarah Griffin

Senior UX Designer


Derek Svendsen

UX Consultant

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