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Rapid UX Audit

Our expert UX Consultants and Researchers sit together to review your product, study users and perform an audit with the help of expert opinion and best practices to identify the flaws in your product.

Why it makes sense?

During Rapid UX Audit our team will identify the areas where a user is struggling with your product and create a roadmap for improvements and you will discover:

  • Why it’s hard for the user to perform a task?
  • How to increase conversions?
  • Why user retention is low?

or any other issues user is currently pointing out.

Ultimately, a UX audit will let you know how to make it easier for users to achieve their end goals and increase the success rate.


How we do it?

You will work with our UX Experts. They will help you discover the pain points of your product/service.


Set goals

Setting Goal is the baseline for the process. Collaborating with product stakeholders we will set the goals by defining the following:

  • i. The Vision of the Product
  • ii. Develop Goals for the product
  • iii. Define Audience

2 Days


Perform Rapid UX Audit

Here our Rapid UX Audit team will be involved. We will perform the audit based on above gathered knowledge. The audit will consist of the following:

  • i. Competitors & Industry Research
  • ii. Heuristic Product Evaluation
  • iii. Recommendations Following Best
    UX Practices


Present Report

Once the audit is completed we will compile a report consisting of all the identified flaws in UX and recommended design solutions. We will present the report to your team to share the findings of the research and analysis of the product.

3 Days

What you will get at the end of 1-week Rapid UX Audit?

  1. You will receive a comprehensive report comprising of potential usability problems, findability issues, poor navigation, no. of clicks and bottlenecks that prevent users from completing their Objectives.
  2. You will get recommendations based on UX best practices for each of the problem identified in terms of an actionable plan.
  3. A complete road-map to improve the product.

Excited? Want to give it a try?

Yes, we can help you identify usability flaws in your product/service.

What you should expect?

The Rapid UX Audit will help you in achieving the following results faster:

  • Quicker task completion
  • Better conversion rate
  • To the point information that is easier to understand
  • Less time consumption
  • Less chance of human errors
  • Less user frustration
  • Easier to achieve end goals
  • Contemporary design
  • Happy customers


Let’s talk about your product


    Sarah Griffin

    Senior UX Designer


    Derek Svendsen

    UX Consultant