A Simple, Iterative Process

Our formula for building the right product


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As a consulting agency, we start with understanding your business and product goals. We explore by collecting relevant information from accounts, demos and customer research stats to craft an intuitive solution meeting your needs

– What is the company’s background and vision?
– What are the client’s requirements?
– What are the goals of the project?

– Who is your target audience?
– What problems they are facing & why?
– Why does the problem exist?
– What do the users need?

– Who are the competitors?
– What is the product’s feasibility along with competitors?

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Drawing on what we have learned during the discovery phase, we craft a roadmap addressing all your pain points and end goals.

– What are the major pain points?
– What are user expectations?
– What are the KPIs of the project?

– What are the existing methods and tools?
– What are the benefits and drawbacks?
– How we can come up with a better solution?

After all the brainstorming sessions we will short list the ideas find a dominant one and start creating user journey for each interaction


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It’s the fun part where we bring ideas to reality. By mapping empathy and cognitive science, we drive a solution which is intuitive and visually appealing for the user.

While creating user journey we start off with paper wireframes. Then shifting to tool to create low fidelity wireframes covering all major use cases.

Considering UX design best practices and industry standards we complete user journey in visual designs following brand guidelines.

We take your valuable feedback to complete the design meeting your user needs.

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We translate beautiful looking designs into useful products.

We build interactive prototypes to understand actual user scenarios before going into the development phase.

We choose the right platform create a pixel perfect design ensure the end product looks great, loads fast, and works smoothly.

We test the product’s usability with heuristic evaluation involving our UX experts and you. We can also involve your users to perform a usability testing


Sarah Griffin

Senior UX Designer


Derek Svendsen

UX Consultant

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